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PeekaCity API Network

Add a PeekaCity™ Amenity Map to your website

The Peekacity API Network enables member sites to easily add amenity information by offering unmatched local information to keep people coming back. There are two types of APIs:

Embedded Amenity Maps

Locate an address on an interactive map and easily add in neighboring amenities.

Amenity Reports

          Create high quality PDF maps and reports of the neighboring amenities.

Get Started

  1. Read the Terms of Use to make sure your integration follows our fine print.
  2. Read the Developer Guide for your choice of API to get instructions for making WebService calls.
  3. Get a PeekaCity ID (PCID). You must create a PeekaCity account to get the PCID.
  4. Innovate! — be sure to use your PCID to make your API calls.

Some things you need to know...

The PeekaCity API Network is a free service. Network member requirements are summarized below. For additional details, please see our Terms of Use.

For all APIs

  • Limit embedded queries to 1,000 per day, per API. If you think you need more, please request a higher call limit by filling out a request form.

  • Provide a Web-based user interface directly to consumers for their personal use (no caching or data storage)

  • Include PeekaCity text, images, and links in all API input and output elements

  • Make PeekaCity technology available for free to customers, without registration

  • The license is only valid for use on a Member website; special permissions are required for uses such as MSN web toolbars.

  • Follow the PeekaCity API Network Terms Of Use

  • Notify PeekaCity of any breach of terms and help resolve them

  • Each consumer-facing provider must have its own PCID

  • Implement anti-scraping measures

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