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PeekaCity API Developer's Guide

This is a quick usage guide instructing you how to make use of your PCID (PeekaCity ID).  If you do not currently have a PCID you can visit the signup page to get one.  If you have signed up recently for a PCID and have not yet received an email to activate it please be sure to check your Junk Email box!

There are two ways to use your PCID:
  1. As a link to a page holding predefined content (example Embedded Property Listing).
  2. As a webservice call to generate reports or validate an address is within our defined areas.
Using it as a link
Currently there are several pages that can be used with a PCID to embed within your website or to stand alone as a website itself.  These pages can be referred to with the following URLS:
  1.{Your Key Here}&propertyID={Your Property GUID from the LEAP system}
  2.{Your Key Here}&UserID={Your BAM user ID}&propertyID={Your Property GUID from the LEAP system}
The first link is designed to be used within a frame in an existing website.  It will generate a page with multiple tabs to display information about your property listing.
The second link is designed to be used as a stand alone website.  This site can be customized by visiting the agent page builder.

For information regarding customizing the tabs present on the page please contact PeekaCity directly. 

Using the Webservices
There are currently five methods available for all registered PCIDs.  These are:
  1. GenerateReportID
  2. GeoCodeLocation
  3. NeighborhoodReport
  4. NeighborhoodList
  5. NeighborhoodReportByID
For details on usage of these calls please visit the PeekaCity Web Service Page.

GenerateReportID can be used to build a report on the PeekaCity system.  You can then create a direct link to the main PeekaCity web page with the property pre-selected along with all amenities from the report.  The user will then have the ability to view reports for this address (irregardless of whether they are a member of PeekaCity or not).  Statics of how many views of the report can be generated by request.  The link will be created with the format:{Enter Report ID from Web Service Here}.

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